About Kate & Matt

When Robin and Scott McLay first embarked on establishing Wild Canary, they enlisted the experience of Matt and Kate Harvey, of ‘Harveys’ on James Street fame. They were invaluable in the initial phase of development. Matt and Kate at the time immediately embraced the fabulous concept that Scott and Robin had for the bistro.

Recently when the opportunity to manage the bistro came about, they jumped at the invitation, generally thrilled to run a business in which they shared the same values and philosophy.

Matt and Kate have over 30 years experience in the hospitality industry. They have always placed importance on serving the highest quality food, sourced from local farmers and producers, with ethics in mind.

While Robin and Scott enjoyed establishing Wild Canary, they are now ready to take a step back, focusing on their family and the nursery business. They are delighted to have Matt & Kate on board whom they completely trust with extending their ambition and continuing their existing success.

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