Rob Everingham Sculpture

Local artist Rob Everingham is a leading Australian contemporary blacksmith. Each Ironfist product is personally designed, sculpted and hand forged by him. He has earned a reputation for his originality and quality. Ironfist’s products include architectural wrought iron work , creative iron sculptures for private clients and public spaces, including urban art projects. He also forges custom-made  furniture and restores & replicates vintage wrought iron.

These new works are now on display in the Wild Canary gardens. All sculpture is for sale starting at $480.

They will be on display until the 17th November.

Featured image ~ Balancing Spheres 300cm x 100cm x 170cm $7,200

Gypsy ham from Adam’s Smallgoods

On the Gardeners Breakfast features Gipsy ham which comes from Adam’s Smallgoods in Carole Park, it is outstanding ham. What sets this ham apart is that they cure their own hams using a traditional Croatian pickling recipe using the round, silverside or blade of pork. Adam’s believes in a less is more approach to food. If you keep it simple and focus on quality and flavour you can’t go wrong. All their meat is smoked using real wood smoke in state of the art smokehouses using top quality export grade meat. The meat is not fed any hormones or chemicals. They only use pen free Queensland pork, mostly from Kingaroy.

In September 1984 Adam and Margaret Markovich opened the doors to Adam’s Continental Smallgoods. They wanted to produce quality meat products like the ones they had grown up with, products they would be comfortable feeding their children. 30 years later, the philosophy of Adam’s has not changed, still taking the time and effort to make great quality meat products view website that not only taste good but are good for you.

Highly recommend you jump in the car and head out to Carole Park for you own supply or come for the Gardeners Breakfast for a hit.

Address: 206 Cobalt St, Carole Park QLD 4300
Phone:(07) 3271 3044






Our micro herbs

Residing in the same grounds as the Brookfield Garden Centre has some great benefits. We are lucky enough to have permanent access to a big green house just out the back door of the kitchen. This warm humid environment provides the perfect conditions for growing mirco herbs. These small baby herbs you will find throughout the breakfast and lunch menu. They have a subtle flavour with less essential oils than the grown up adult herbs.

Throughout the daily service our chefs duck out to the green house to grab what they need for the dishes, they are super fresh and of outstanding quality and taste. We currently have around 40 trays growing of all sorts of different seedlings including amaranth, mustard leaf, purple basil and many more.

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